We provide rental services for both short term (including holiday lets) and long term residential rentals. Our service takes care of all aspects of the property rental including management, payment of bills, collection of rent and keeping you updated with regular accounts.

Short Term Rental (Holiday rentals)

Short term rentals are classed as holiday lets and normally have a duration of 1 night to 3 weeks. They are normally charged on a nightly or weekly basis. Our charges for short term lets are detailed below. These are normally higher as utility costs are not charged to the tenant.

Why rent your property as a holiday rental?

  • If you want to use your own property regularly
  • higher income

You may want to consider:

  • Short term let properties generally suffer from a higher level of wear and tear, purely because of the large turn around of tenants that will visit your property through out the year
  • You may wish to consider renting short term but only to friends and family that you know

Charges for short term lets

*utility and cleaning charges paid by the property owner.

Long term rentals

Long term rentals (also classed as residential lets) normally last between 1 month to 12 months. Because of the long duration the rates are normally lower however the tenants sign a contract to be based at the property for a specific period of time. The tenants are responsible for payment of the utilities each month according to their use. Tenants staying for long term rents must pay a bond, normally 1 or 2 months and this becomes non refundable should any damage arise to the property. Tenants must also give 1 months notice to terminate the contract.

Long term rental charges

The charge for the first months rent is 50% then as per below.

Monthly10%Paid by tenant
*utility and cleaning charges paid by the property tenant. However the owner may have to pay for an initial clean if the property has been left empty for some time.


We recommend that you take out an annual property management service in order to begin renting your property. This is to ensure we can maintain the standard of your property, have continuous access to the keys, and be aware of any problems which will prevent us renting your property.


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